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What Are The Secrets Of Mexican Mail Brides And Dates?

What Are The Secrets Of Mexican Mail Brides And Dates?

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If you think of Latin mail brides, one of the first countries that come to mind is Mexico, even though it’s in the North. Mexican brides may seem evil or just too “dark” because of their black hair and eyes, as well as because of their love for skull patterns in jewelry, clothes, and everywhere else. But it’s not like that at all.

So what are the other Mexican mail order bride stereotypes?

Like in every country, there are numerous stereotypes about Mexican wives and how they’re perceived abroad. Let’s try to bust these myths and find out what’s true and what’s not!

Mexican mail order brides may seem dark and mean

Foreigners tend to think wearing black clothes decorated with skulls and celebrating El Dia de Muertos (the day of the dead) is creepy. But in reality, it’s part of the Mexican culture, and it doesn’t have any negative connotations there. If you look for a Mexican bride for marriage, you should accept this cultural peculiarity.

Moreover, if you get to know Mexican brides better, you’ll see how cheerful, bright, and hospitable they are. They’ll always help, cheer you up, and offer to go dancing after all! Basically, all these days of the dead, black clothes, and other “devil” stuff are just the means of paying respect to the closest people who’d passed away. So, don’t freak out and show your support and respect for your lady’s culture and traditions.

Mexican wives are believed to be witches

Another myth! There’s a very clear explanation to that, Mexican brides have always been taught traditional medicine, as the country is full of medical plants: sangregado, damiana, creosote bush, and many others. Healing ointments, herbal teas, tranquilizing oils — that’s just the beginning of the list. They know hundreds of healing recipes and can cure almost any illness by only mixing herbs, fruits, and oils.

Mail order wives from Mexico are too hot-tempered and often get divorced

Definitely not true. Mexico’s among the top-10 countries with the lowest divorce rate in the world which is 15%. Yes, Mexican brides are hot-tempered, but they won’t lead a simple domestic argument to a divorce. Maybe just a bit of a Mexican soap opera, but not more than that.

Brides from Mexico can only go out and drink tequila

Tequila is the national Mexican drink and everyone there loves it, as well as going out. Mexicans are quite creative when it comes to festivals and they don’t limit themselves just with the day of the dead. They celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Semana Santa, Independence Day carnival, and way more. But apart from that, Mexican brides don’t only hang out with friends, they’re great at various crafts, cooking, and many other creative jobs.

For instance, traditional Mexican artesanias include painting, tin art, alebrijes, leather and silver goods, pottery, and hand-blown glass. Be sure, your lady can do at least some of these crafts.

Mexican mail order brides don’t respect their families

This belief may have occurred because of the Mexican ladies’ vibrant party lifestyle. In fact, wives from Mexico have very strong bonds with their mothers. Usually, in Mexico, a father is the one who provides for the family, and a mother takes care of kids and the house. Mothers are usually the best friends for Mexican ladies, they talk about their relationships, shopping, cooking, gossip, whatever. Also, they try to spend a lot of time together and meet for big holidays or important life events. So, as you see, the life of a Mexican lady isn’t only about parties and friends, it’s also about family. Be sure, your lady will also try to be a perfect mom and wife.

Wrapping up

All the myths are busted and secrets revealed. Now you know a bit more about mail order brides from Mexico, so use your knowledge wisely. Try to show more in your lady’s life, compliment her on what crafts she’s good at, ask her to reveal some family recipes for herbal teas and oils, or simply ask about her mom, she’ll be more than happy to share. Good luck searching for a woman of your dreams!