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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides And Dates Things To Know Before You Meet A Girl From Vietnam

Seeking an Asian woman for marriage can sometimes be an interesting experience in life. If you devote enough time for that, you’ll soon be able to tell which country a lady is from just by the shape of her eyes! But today, let’s not focus on all Asian women. Take a look at mail order brides from Vietnam. They’re so nice they won’t let you go!

What are the key characteristics of Vietnamese wives?

Vietnam’s a country of contrasts where there’s a different mentality in a different city, as well as ladies and their mindsets. But of course, there are some main common traits that make mail order brides from Vietnam so special, so let’s see all of them!

Brides from Vietnam are conservative

In a positive way, Vietnamese mail order brides are somewhat old-fashioned. They believe in true love and don’t want to become one-night stands. Ladies won’t bear being talked about in a bad way. Instead, they’re looking for a family and don’t talk too much about their personal life. Establishing a strong bond and taking care of the beloved ones is what makes Vietnamese ladies happy and content.

Family is the main goal for life to Vietnamese brides

The Vietnamese community is based on the concept that family is what stands in the roots of a nation, it’s the main and basic social unit, not an individual. That’s why brides from Vietnam must establish a family and raise kids.

There’s even a popular joke in Vietnam that if you marry a Vietnamese girl, you marry her whole family. To some extent, it’s true. Vietnamese brides always try to provide for their parents, that’s why they both look for a more prestigious job and search for a husband who could help her with that. The Vietnamese girls themselves are good at saving money so don’t worry about big unexpected expenditures.

Mail order brides from Vietnam have a solid system of values

Vietnamese brides are mainly religious and that influences their everyday life, even including what to eat, drink, or listen to. Moreover, they believe that acquiring a good name in society is the main goal and the best virtue in life. There are 3 ways to get a good name in Vietnam. By moral virtues, heroic deeds, or by intellectual achievement. Apart from that, the Vietnamese system of values is based on four main principles:

  • respect;
  • constant learning;
  • a good name in the society;
  • devotion to the family.

Vietnamese mail brides are devoted to men in their lives

Confucianism is a very influential philosophy for Vietnamese people. It states that a wife in Vietnam needs to respect and submit to three men in her life: her father before marriage, her husband during marriage, and her son when she’s widowed. This way, her moral duty and obligation to society is fulfilled, and her virtue’s not lost.

The “concept of face” is extremely important for Vietnamese brides

A very important part of the Vietnamese philosophy and mentality is the concept of face. For Vietnamese wives, a face is what reflects all your virtues, dignity, and social status. They believe that someone can lose their face, save it, or give it to another person. That’s why being dishonest, mean, and rude is not what works in Vietnam. It’s almost a religious belief for the Vietnamese, so they’re very strict to this concept.

Brides from Vietnam are well-educated

It’s a national belief in Vietnam that to gain respect from others, a person needs to be literate and educated first. Seems like ladies take it seriously, 93,6% of Vietnamese females are literate. Women there are also making their way to a better life for themselves and their families. So, they learn English, search for better career opportunities, and work hard towards recognition and success.

To sum up

That’s the short-list of what you need to know about Vietnamese mail order brides, their culture, and mentality. Try to take the maximum out of this article and you’re good to go. Good luck searching for your true love!