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Indian Mail Order Brides And Dates: An Unforgettable Lifetime Experience!

It’s a popular case when a man from Europe or America is looking for a mail order Asian wife. It’s not a surprise though, Asian ladies are stunning, exotic, and bright. India is a South Asian country where ladies aren’t like the ones from China or Vietnam, which you can easily tell by their appearance. But is it the only thing that makes Indian brides different? What other secrets are there? Read on to find out!

What are the main facts about mail order brides from India?

When you look for an Indian wife, you should consider the differences in culture, customs, and mentalities. So, here’s the list of the top things you should know before marrying an Indian girl.

Indian wives are religious

Most Indians are Hindus and believe in karma, considering all your deeds during life and how they affect you, reincarnation or a person’s re-birth in the next life, and that a person should live in peace and harmony with everything and everyone to reach nirvana or the state of absolute happiness. Indian brides follow the main religious dogmas to find peace in the world, so it’s a very important aspect of life for them.

The people there are very conservative and usually don’t accept getting married to a person of another religion, but modern Indian wives are getting more progressive and don’t pay too much attention to it now, so you’ve got a green light!

Brides from India are very patriotic

There’s nothing better for an Indian mail order bride than cooking an Indian 3-course meal, listening to her favorite Dhvani Bhanushali, or visiting a Holi festival. This doesn’t mean an Indian girl won’t like living abroad, she may feel homesick at first but then she can quickly get used to it. Many Indian ladies travel far away from home to study, work, or get married. So, try to cheer her up sometimes and remind her of home: make an Indian dinner, or go shopping and get your lady a new bright sari dress.

Indian wives love dancing

It’s a sacred ritual for every Indian bride to learn how to dance. In India, there’s a different story behind each dance, and they’re all different in each city or area. There are 8 classical Indian dances, among which are: Sattriya, Kathak, Odissi, and Manipuri. Ask your Indian wife to teach you some moves — it’s going to be a memorable experience! Moreover, your girl will see you respect her country’s traditions.

Indian mail order brides talk a lot

It’s true, Indian mail order brides are very sociable and never miss a chance to tell another story. Moreover, women there talk really fast and in a few minutes, you’ll know the latest news from all over the country: gossip, news, and stories of their brother’s girlfriend’s friends from last night out. Everything you do and don’t need to know. At least, you’ll never need to fill any silent pause with a phrase — there won’t be one.

What do Indian wives expect from marrying a foreigner?

Change of the environment, cultural diversity, and new experience aren’t the only reasons for an Indian mail order bride to marry a foreigner. Some more important factors influence their choice of spouses. Let’s see what they are!

Indian brides want to avoid arranged marriages

Sure, not every arranged marriage is a failure. But it’s usually the opposite. In India, 90% of marriages are planned by the couple’s parents. The main problem of such weddings is that you don’t even date or have enough time to get to know your spouse. This results in many misunderstandings, fights, and divorces, after all.

Mail order brides from India want less pressure from families

Apart from arranged marriages, Indian brides usually face another problem and it’s their families. 22 years is an average age for an Indian girl to get married.

It’s believed that an Indian bride needs to get married as soon as possible, so even child marriages used to occur often. Parents want their daughters to finish school and college, and get married right away, but many women want more freedom of choice. That’s why they want to escape from their local rules and get married abroad whenever they feel like it.

Wrapping up

Did you write everything down? Great then! If you’re going to find an Indian bride, these tips will help you know your sweetheart better and build a strong bond with her. Good luck searching for your perfect Indian wife!