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How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost in 2021? We’ll Tell You Right Now!

International dating platforms (mail order bride websites) are a perfect option for all men who are searching for a foreign wife or for a foreign girlfriend. They are safe, they do really work, and they can help literally anyone find his or her soulmate from another country. Top mail order bride sites even offer such features as video calls and online translation services, so these platforms are not in any way worse than the biggest American dating sites. However, they have one disadvantage — they all are paid.

Best sites to find mail order brides in 2021

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The thing is, these websites offer more services than free dating websites. For example, an ID verification — most bride sites have a mandatory identity verification for all their female users and this means that such websites are much safer than dating services without this feature — because a website with a mandatory ID verification means that there are close to zero fake profiles on it. There are also lots of premium services, such as “Send A Present” — of course, if a dating site offers such a feature, it just can’t be paid to all its users. That’s why you’ll most likely have to pay from the very beginning — but the truth is that the mail bride website expenses are only a small part of the total cost of mail order bride. Let’s be more detailed.

Mail order brides pricing: Online

Mail order brides pricing: Online

We’ll start with online dating — you’ll have to find mail order bride online before you marry her. How much is a mail order bride website?

Most mail bride websites have a credit system — there is no premium subscription; you buy credits and spend them on chatting and using other communication tools. The majority of such platforms have quite reasonable prices (e.g $30-50 for 100-200 credits) and allow their users to choose what to pay for. In most cases, $30-50 is enough to use a mail bride website for 2-3 weeks.

Some websites have a premium system — if you are a basic user, you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription to be able to chat with the girls.

The average price for a premium subscription is about $60-100 per month, but it depends on the number of extra options and communication tools offered by a website. Some dating platforms offer two levels of premium subscription — often, the first level allows the users to send messages without any limits while the second level has extra features. The only problem of such a system is that you can’t choose what you pay for — like, if a website has a video chat but you don’t need it, you’ll still have to pay for it.

It’s up to you which system to choose. If you know exactly what features and communication tools you are going to use, a credit system will probably be more convenient for you and you’ll probably cut the cost of a mail order bride. However, if you want to try everything and don’t want to limit yourself to the cheapest messaging options, a website with a premium subscription system will probably be a better option for you.

Mail order bride cost: How to save money

  1. Don’t choose the cheapest dating sites and forget about the free ones. The average cost of mail order brides websites is about $30-50 per month — the services that have lower prices are not 100% safe and often don’t have a good reputation. Using such mail bride websites is a 100% bad strategy for cost saving.
  2. Don’t use all the extra features the mail bride websites offer. Video calls, phone calls, presents and gifts — you can buy all these things, but you don’t need to spend too much on them. It’s always better (and more cost-effective!) to bring your bride a gift by yourself than buy her favorite perfume through a dating site at double the price.

Mail order bride pricing: Offline

Mail order bride pricing: Offline

How much do mail order brides cost when it comes to offline dating? Well, it’s quite hard to answer this question because there are many countries you can choose and many things you can spend money on, but we’ll try. Let’s start.

  • First, you’ll need to buy airline tickets. A good price for a nonstop flight from the US to Asia is about $700-800. A flight to Europe will cost you about $600-900 (but be careful: the tickets to Europe cost up to $1,500 during the high season). The flights from the US to Latin America will cost you about $300-600.
  • Then, it’s time to book a hotel. The average cost of a hotel room in the US is $180-250 per night, but you probably won’t have to spend that much when it comes to the most popular mail bride countries. Asian hotels cost about $50-100 per night, Ukrainian and Russian hotels are even cheaper (about $30-80 per night), and the hotels in Latin America will cost you about $20-100 for 1 night.
  • The restaurants and cafes can be either cheap or expensive, it’s up to you to choose. You can spend about $30 on a date or you can spend up to $300 somewhere at a fancy Ukrainian, Colombian, or Japanese restaurant.
  • The gifts? Again, it’s up to you to choose. Buy her the latest iPhone if you want, or buy her a cheap teddy bear and a chocolate box if she has a sweet tooth. You can spend $20 or you can spend $2,000, that’s what we can say here.
  • Then, the wedding. The average cost of a wedding in the US is about $30,000, but if you choose another country, you’ll be able to save money. Thus, the average cost of a wedding in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus) is about $4,000-8,000. You’ll have to spend $3,000-8,000 to have a great wedding in Latin America and up to $30,000 if you are going to marry an Asian girl.

So, how much are mail order wives and what is the average cost of mail order bride? It’s quite hard to tell the exact numbers — if you want to save money, you can spend $8,000 or $10,000 and marry a beautiful Asian, European, or Latin girl. If you want to make it fancy, prepare to spend up to $25,000-35,000.

How to reduce cost of mail order brides: Offline

  • Book cheap flights and hotels. There are lots of websites like SkyScanner that compare cheap flights, hotels, and car hire from hundreds of providers. These websites can be really useful, especially if you are going to meet your bride who lives in another part of the world.
  • Marry her in her country, not in yours. The thing is, the United States is quite an expensive country when it comes to the average marriage price. You don’t need to spend $30,000 on a wedding if you can spend $4,000, right?


How much are mail order brides from Asia?

It’s quite hard to tell exactly how much is a mail order wife — some countries are more expensive than others, some dating sites are more expensive and offer more services, etc. You should be ready to spend from $10,000 to $30,000 on everything (including wedding).

How much do websites with mail order brides cost?

Most websites have a “credit” system — usually, a monthly package costs from $40 to $60. The websites that have a premium subscription system are often more expensive — so prepare to spend $50-100 per month.