Legit Mail Order Brides And Where To Find Them In 2021

As the internet is taking a bigger part of our life, online dating is slowly substituting traditional ones. At the same time, many fraudsters use this opportunity to get money, which is why sometimes it’s pretty challenging to distinguish a legitimate mail order bride service from a fake one. Of course, fake platforms not only will not assist you in the search for a girlfriend but also steal your money. The worst part of such a situation is the fact that it’s almost impossible to find and punish internet crooks. However, you can easily avoid a dating scam by using legit platforms and being cautious and careful while chatting with foreign dates.

Apart from that, before buying a foreign wife, you have to make sure that the laws in both your and her country allow such marriages. As you can see, when it comes to marriage agencies, there are a lot of legal issues. Therefore, today we are going to answer a very popular question, which is “Are mail order brides legit?”

Legit mail order brides platforms 2021

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Is getting a mail order bride legal?

In most countries it is completely legal to marry a foreigner, so you can easily marry a girl from Asia, a Russian beauty, or a hot Latina. However, it usually requires a lot of paperwork, especially if it is matrimony arranged by a marriage agency. So let us take a brief look at some peculiarities of such marriages in different countries.

United States

United States

Just like in many other countries, it is totally legal to marry a foreigner in the United States. Moreover, since 2015 same-sex marriages are legalized in all fifty states, so in terms of marriages, America is a free country indeed. Certainly, if an American marries a foreigner who is going to permanently move to the States, an American citizen’s bride or groom will need to get a fiancé visa approved. In addition to that, according to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Implementation Guidance, a future American citizen’s spouse has to provide the state with the required personal information (confirmed by relevant authorities), including criminal history and info pertaining to the finances. Such an approach significantly lowers your risk of marrying a criminal or professional gold-digger. Apart from that, according to that same document, American citizens get checked as well. As a rule, the authorities verify a person’s criminal history, marital status, financial info, as well as check United States National Sex Offenders Public Registry. A foreign bride or groom also receives information about their legal right in the United States as well as domestic violence and human traffic hotlines. Therefore, both parties can get married knowing that they are perfectly safe.



Canada is another developed country where marrying mail-order brides is totally legal. Certainly, you will need to do some paperwork, which is very similar to the one in the United States, and provide the information about your criminal and marital histories, as well as your incomes. Note that the state requires a couple to marry before a foreigner can get a Canadian fiancé visa approved. In addition to that, your spouse will have to live in Canada for at least two years before he or she can apply for permanent citizenship. But other than that, marrying a foreign bride in Canada is not too much of a trouble. You can find out more details about international marriages in Canada here.

United Kingdom

united kingdom

Last, but not least, marriage agencies are perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, so if you are a British gentleman, feel free to propose to your foreign girlfriend. However, British immigration laws are among the strictest in the world, so we suggest you check out the detailed information here. In case you are planning on actually marrying a foreign woman, we recommend you to consult with your lawyer.

Countries where mail order bride services are illegal

Many people know that there are countries where marriage agencies are not popular and usually these are the Muslim countries. However, even in some Muslim countries, these websites are not considered to be illegal. Certainly, there is a rather long list of countries where marriage agencies are illegal and one of the most popular countries from that list is the Philippines. Of course, this doesn’t mean that such services do not exist in the Philippines, but they are completely illegal there. So dating scams happen more often and you have to be careful with girls from this country.

How to distinguish a legitimate mail order bride service from a fake one?

Unfortunately, there is a huge variety of fraud sites that trick people into paying them money. But the good news is that you can easily avoid being fooled by internet fraudsters if you know how to distinguish a legit platform from a fraud one. So here are some tips and tricks that will help you find a legit mail order bride service:

  • Take a look at the site’s design. Legit services usually have modern and up-to-date websites.
  • Never transfer money to the personal bank accounts of the women you met online. Brides on legal sites usually do not ask for money.
  • Do your own research if you feel suspicious about a particular platform.
  • Check whether a website has a support service — fraudsters usually do not bother to have those.
  • Choose services with a good reputation and positive reviews.

Final thoughts

A legit mail order bride site is a quick and convenient way to find a gorgeous wife who would make all your boldest dreams come true. At the same time, if you decided to use these services, you have to be super careful in order to avoid dating scams and run-ins with the law. This is why it is extremely important to choose a legit agency with good real users’ reviews. Therefore, take a look at the legitimate mail order bride platforms one more time, select the one you like the best, sign up, and meet your love today.