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Indonesian Girls For Marriage – How Different Are They?

Finding a date from a different country can be challenging. However, if you know how to approach a lady from a different country, you can be sure that you will be successful with any online girl! Women from this region share a lot of similarities with Western ladies, but there are a few essential differences that make them so appealing and desirable.

One of the most significant differences about Indonesian girls for marriage is that they take relationships more seriously than girls from the West. You need to prove that you are worthy of dating her. However, once you gain the essential trust and respect of your woman, your relationships are going to be happy and enjoyable.

Dating culture in Indonesia

Girls from Indonesia require a unique approach regarding dating. Just like other Asian brides, these ladies have different views and perspectives on dating. In this section, we are going to tell you the main elements of dating culture!

People are expected to marry early

Both men and women from this country prefer to marry as early as possible. It is quite rare to find a woman who is 25-29 years old and not married.

Family and marriage are two fundamentals in Indonesian culture, which means that you should expect to find thousands of young girls who have serious intentions of getting married to a foreign guy.

Men initiate relationships

Indonesia is a country with relatively traditional and conservative views. In other words, gender roles are stronger in this country than in the West. Women are more reliant on men in various aspects – financial, emotional, and physical. Therefore, if you want to succeed and find great Indonesian mail order brides, you have to be initiative.

Relationships start with expressing love

A very interesting element of this dating culture is that you formally start dating a woman only when you express your love to her. Before saying these three magic words, your relationships are not real and formal. While you can communicate and hang out with your date, she may not think that you are dating each other.

Family approval is important

Another essential part of dating culture in Indonesia is the fact that your date’s family needs to approve you before you get married.

While it may sound archaic, it is true. So, do not feel surprised when your date decides to tell you that she wants you to meet her parents. It is quite common among couples that are in love to get married.

Premarital sex is heavily frowned upon

In case you want to travel to this country and meet with your date, you may find out that she does not want to have any sexual relationships before the wedding. While there are women who are less strict regarding this belief, a lot of young girls are taught to avoid premarital sex as it is highly immoral.

How to impress Indonesian brides?

So, you want to impress a girl from this country? There are many things that you can do to achieve success with a bride from Indonesia. Our goal is to help you learn a few of the most effective techniques that have been tested by many men!

  • Compliment her beauty and personality. Ladies from this country are not very shy, but they usually cannot accept the fact that they are very beautiful. You need to show your lady that you see her outer and inner beauty. Make sure that she knows that you enjoy her appearance as well as her background, habits, interests, and hobbies.
  • Ask her about her family. As mentioned earlier, the family is paramount for Indonesian girls for marriage. Therefore, you need to ask about her parents and relatives. It will help you understand the family situation of your bride, collect useful information, and be eager to learn as much as possible.
  • Be respectful and kind. A lot of girls who use online dating seek a foreign man because they are tired of dating local guys. Some local men are not very respectful toward women from this country. Demonstrate that you are capable of respect and love that she deserves.
  • Learn something about Indonesia. People from Indonesia are very patriotic. They enjoy speaking about their home, which is why facts about this country can help you start a communication with your bride as well as show that you actually care about her country.
  • Send your date flowers. These girls love flowers. If you are not ready to tell your woman that you love her or simply want to make a great impression, send her flowers – most dating sites offer such a service.


Thus, dating Indonesian mail order brides is not difficult if you have a basic understanding of what to do. Thousands of girls from this country are dreaming of becoming wives of foreign men. By reading this article, you can gain useful and essential knowledge that can help you succeed in communication with any girl you can meet online! For those of you who seek a chance to date ladies from other countries, you might be interested in Filipino brides — this guide will also help you learn useful information about online dating!