Full Guide On How To Find Foreign Mail Order Brides Or Girlfriend In 2021

Full Guide On How To Find Foreign Mail Order Brides Or Girlfriend In 2021

International dating vs. mail order brides: is there any difference?

When you first begin your search for a foreign bride or girlfriend, you may think that all women online are looking for a potential husband. However, that is far from true and there is a substantial difference between mail order bride services and international dating sites.

On international dating sites, people are searching for all kinds of relationships. Some of them are looking for a light online flirting experience, others want to start the relationship online and take it offline if it goes well, and there is a big part of dating site users who are simply looking for a communication partner without focusing on romance.

Mail order bride sites are a different story. When you sign up as a man to one of the popular sites with mail order brides, this is exactly who you will find there. All women on those sites are searching for long-term relationship and marriage opportunities, and they hate it when men with less serious intentions waste their time.


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The concept of mail order brides has existed for ages, but it has gone through a lot of transformations. Even though modern mail order brides are very different from the first mail order brides who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the 17th century (Source), they are still incredibly popular among American men. In 2019 alone, over 35,000 foreign women immigrated to the US on K-1 visas, meaning they married American men shortly after their arrival and came to the country specifically for this purpose (Source). Here is everything you need to know about the best mail order brides our planet has to offer.

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What is a mail order bride?

Before you can go on to meet foreign mail order brides in person or even talk to them online, you need to know who they are and what to expect from your potential relationship. Here is a quick guide to mail order brides online.

An average mail-bride website user: who is she? How to become a mail order bride?

Yes, there are tens of thousands of mail order brides, and every bride is unique. But they all have something in common.

Thus, an average female mail-bride site user is a woman between 25-35 years old, she is from Asia/South America/Eastern Europe, she has never had kids (some of them have 1 child), and she has never been married before (some of them have been married once). The absolute majority of mail order wives have graduated from university, and most of them have a job.

The women looking for marriage online have different backgrounds, income levels, and views, but what unites them all is a sincere desire to find a good partner for dating or marriage.

How To Marry Latin Mail Order Bride In 2020?

The good news is that it’s very easy to become a mail order wife. You should find a good agency and sign up — the majority of such services are free for women, so you will most likely not have to pay anything. Some of the sites have an ID verification — you’ll have to upload the scans of your ID, national passport, etc. Some sites do also require professional photos from women — if you don’t have such photos, some of them can even pay for your photo shoot. Basically, the only things you’ll have to do are sign up, upload your ID, chat with men, and find a decent man. Everything is extremely simple.

Are mail order spouses illegal?

No, finding a foreign woman online to date or even marry is absolutely legal. Since neither of you signs any legal documents binding you to each other and neither of you are obliged to marry the other person, there is nothing illegal about a mail order bride relationship. If you plan to go all the way and marry your foreign girlfriend, she will need to move into the United States on the same legal grounds as other immigrants.

Is it really possible to find a foreign girlfriend or wife on a mail-bride or dating sites?

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Yes, it’s possible! The idea of dating or marrying a woman from another country seemed exotic only a few decades ago. But now, with the current level of development of modern technology and with more people having access to the internet than ever, you don’t need to limit your dating options to your own country anymore. The same goes for foreign women, who now have more opportunities to look for men online and use them to meet the love of their life, a partner for an online flirting session, or even a future husband.

What’s more, thousands of men from the United States have already found a wife on such dating services. Yes, some dating sites are not 100% safe, and there will always be some fake profiles — but international services are the best way to find a real foreign bride. I am the living example of that — and you can become another example. This whole mail-bride system has been working for 20 years or so, and I’m 100% sure that it will work forever.

Advantages of mail order bride and dating sites for men and women

First, let’s talk about men. Why is mail order bride dating better for you if you’re an American man?

  • It’s perfect for introverts. If you’re a shy man who has problems with picking ladies up while going to the bar, you’ll love mail order bride dating. You can choose here, and you’ll most likely not be ignored.
  • Mail order bride and international dating sites is cheaper than IRL dating (in real life dating). You will only have to spend $50—$100 per month to use all the messaging tools of the majority of dating sites.
  • International dating relationships can test your couple, which is extremely important if you’re going to find a girlfriend or even wife.

Mail order bride and international dating services is also great for women. Here’s why:

  • It’s free. Men have to pay, but we don’t — the dating sites make money on us, so all the services are usually free for women.
  • It’s the only effective method to find an American husband. Because, you know, there are no other effective methods to find a boyfriend or husband — you can meet an American via Tinder, but that’s not how the long-term relationships are built.
  • Online dating will help you learn your future husband better. And again, it’s very important, because you will most likely spend your whole life with this man — so it makes sense that you’ll want to know him better before real life dating or marriage.

What kind of men do mail brides want to date and marry?

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The women are always looking for an ideal man. It’s quite easy to be an ideal man for foreign brides, actually. Here’s what a perfect man is in the eyes of a mail bride.

  • A perfect man must have a sense of humor. If a man can make a woman laugh, he will attract her attention. If he can’t, he won’t. It’s really simple.
  • A perfect man must be smart and stable. Intelligence is extremely important, and of course, a good job is important, too. Again, it’s not about gold-digging, it’s about being confident.
  • A perfect man must support his wife. Nothing to say here — lots of men from our home countries have never heard about supporting their women. Americans are different, aren’t they?

So, the majority of mail brides want to find a smart, stable, supportive, and fun man. The age and ethnicity don’t really matter.

Top-3 signs that a man is confident

All girls want to find a secure boyfriend or husband. Here’s what reliable means for me:

  • Family must be a priority for a confident and secure man. Yes, modern American society isn’t as family-oriented as the society in my country, but still: the family must be the most important thing in the world for a man.
  • Such a man will always work to gain your trust and will always trust you. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, and a confident man understands it.
  • A reliable man makes you feel safe. Everything else isn’t so important, actually — because if a woman feels safe with her partner, such a relationship can be called strong.

How to buy a bride online?

If you are new to the whole mail order bride craze, you can sometimes hear that other men buy mail order brides and live happily with them ever after. However, you should know that the term “buy mail order brides” is nothing more than an obsolete expression and doesn’t reflect the real state of things. There have been cases of women being sold as mail order brides in the distant past, but nowadays, you cannot really buy anyone online or offline.

That is why, when speaking about buying a bride online, we only mean the experience of communicating with foreign women online and the possibility of dating one of them going so well that it ends in a long-term relationship or even marriage. It means that there is no secret place or secret technique for getting yourself a foreign mail order bride. You will have to develop the relationship like you would do with any other woman and possibly try even harder because there are thousands of miles between you two.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The important thing to understand here is that there is no agency that you can pay to have your girlfriend or future wife delivered to your doorstep. Additionally, you won’t be paying any money to the woman directly. However, being a member of an international dating or mail order bride site is usually not free. These are the most common expenses you will face in your journey to find a mail order bride or dating partner online:

  • The cost of a dating site membership and additional communication features;
  • The cost of sending virtual and physical gifts to the woman personally;
  • The cost of arranging a trip to her home country to meet her in person or inviting her to your location.

These are the most common ways to spend money on your dating site experience. Depending on how long it takes you to meet your ideal woman, how many female members you talk to at the same time, and how many additional features and gifts you buy, you can end up spending up to $20,000 on your search, although most men get away with far less than that — $2,000 to $5,000.


Whether you are looking for a real mail order bride to marry or simply want to date a foreign woman and see how it goes, you can easily find a suitable partner without leaving your home. Check out our guides to foreign women and honest reviews of popular dating services to make your search easy and effective!

Not every American can find and marry a mail bride. Your American passport isn’t enough — you should also be a reliable, supportive, smart, and stable man to attract a foreign lady. If you feel that you’re good enough to make a hot exotic single fall in love with you, don’t waste your time — choose the site right now and find a wife!

Answers To All Questions About Mail Order Brides

What is a mail order bride?

Mail order bride is a girl who wants to find and marry a foreign partner abroad; that’s why she registers and creates her profile on mail order bride services and sites. She lists herself in online catalogs for men looking for a spouse overseas.

How to become a mail order bride?

Today, every girl from almost every country can become a mail order bride, as this process is very easy and fast. To do this, you need to find a good agency, register, fill out your profile with photos and personal details, and confirm your identity.

How to be a mail order bride?

Once you have found an ideal mail order bride agency, created your profile, and confirmed your personality, you will be able to search, match, and chat with men from around the world.

Are mail order spouses illegal?

Definitely, it is false. In most countries globally, mail order brides are legal, but there are still some legal regulations and requirements to find a mail-order bride abroad. Today, the United States and Latin America are the first in the number of international marriages.

Are mail order brides real?

Yes, mail order brides are real girls from different continents who register on mail order bride services and other online dating sites, add their personal information and photos to their profile to find their love online. However, still, there are fake profiles, so it is vital to choose a reliable site.

The average cost of mail order bride?

The average cost of mail order bride is near $3.000-$10.000, but this price mostly depends on which mail order bride service you have chosen and which options you want to use.

How to get a mail order bride?

To start, you need to find a reliable service, learn more about its options and prices. With the help of the search on such a service, you will find, start communicating, and even arrange a date with a mail order bride.

Where to find mail order brides?

Today, there is a wide range of mail order bride services and sites for those looking for a partner or companion abroad. These platforms offer different services to find, contact, and arrange a live meeting with your foreign date.

How does mail order brides work?

Mail order bride services allow each user to access a database with different girls’ profiles to find the perfect match online. These agencies help on every step of creating a love story online.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The price for a mail order bride starts from $5.000. This cost includes every step from finding to marrying your perfect foreign match.

How to buy a mail order bride?

It doesn’t mean that you can just buy any woman you want. Buying a mail order bride is all the costs you will have to spend on your way to finding a loved one abroad.